Before Your First Session

One week prior to your first visit, we require you to submit a 7 day food journal.  This involves recording everything that goes IN or ON your body, as well as what is in your environment in as much detail as possible. If you have had allergy testing done through a RAST test or an ALCAT rest, please submit that at the same time.  The cost to evaluate this journal is incorporated into the first visit (office fees may vary due to region).  Some allergies may not register on blood and skin tests and some allergy responses on the blood and skin test may clear out without specific ACT work. In your first session we will go through a "body parts checklist". This is essentially making sure that all parts of the digestive and respiratory tracts are all registered by the body. If you have had any surgeries to remove body parts (i.e. tonsils, gallbladder, portions of the colon, or teeth) please make a note of it and bring it to your first session.

After Clearing Sessions

The goal of these sessions is to allow you to get back to eating and drinking what you would like without a reaction. Immediately after your clearing session you may test the food or substance to see if the allergy response is cleared. Make careful note of how you feel and how your body response before and after sessions. Most people will find that they can immediately eat, touch or smell the items that we have addressed at the session without any negative response. For others there will be an improvement and additional sessions may be needed to clear the allergy.

If you have had anaphylactic allergic responses to specific allergens, please do not test the clearing by yourself but in the presence of a medical doctor.Always use extreme caution and common sense when exposing your body to anything that could cause a significant, or life threatening reaction.

Doing the Allergy Clearing does not guarantee that your allergies will be gone. We have seen great results but we also understand that there is great variation in human physiology and perhaps there are other underlying issues that would prevent the body from being able to reset itself. The number of sessions you will need is dependent on the number of allergic responses your body registers. We endeavor to be as efficient as possible to cover as many allergies as possible in each session.

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