the Allergy Clearing Technique is very affordable!

  • The cost for the initial session is $150 and typically last about 30 minutes. During this visit, your 7-day food journal (or the results of any other allergy testing previously done) will be evaluated to get a preliminary inventory of reactives. This list can usually be obtained in the first 15 minutes and then the clearing process can begin. Normally, 3-5 items can be cleared in this initial session. However, if your allergies are more complex, it may take the entire half hour to develop this inventory, with no clearing done on the first visit. On rare occasions, another session may be needed to obtain additional information which will necessitate an extra charge.

  • Follow-up sessions are billed at $50 per five minute session with 3-5 items can be cleared in each.

Costs may vary by region.

If your ACT is being done by a chiropractor, these appointments are scheduled separate from regular chiropractic appointments but can be scheduled back-to-back with a chiropractic adjustment.  This work is not covered by insurance and no insurance receipts will be generated for this work.