How ACT Works

The concept behind the Allergy Clearing Technique is finding what the body is currently seeing as an enemy and enabling the body to recognize that same substance as a friend. A physiological response called an Occipital Drop (OD) check is used to determine the body's response to these substances. This same OD check is also utilized in KST.  This work also involves making sure the all the components necessary from the entire digestive tract, respiratory tract, waste elimination tract and blood components are recognized and interacting properly with the body .

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The clearing process is gentle and is done by manual pressure or stimulation using an instrument called an arthrostim on specific  points located on the body. The pressure or stimulation is usually painless, but some contact points may be tender. These are not chiropractic adjustments or acupuncture, but stimulation points that cause the body to 'reset' itself.

For some, the fear that comes from avoiding a certain food or substance will also need to be addressed before the allergy will clear completely . Doing the Allergy Clearing does not guarantee that your allergies will be gone. We have seen great results but please understand that there is unlimited variation in human physiology and it is possible that there are underlying issues that would prevent the body from being able to 'reset' itself.