I Am Extremely Happy

“I have not been able to eat cantaloupe or honeydew melons for over 35 years. Every time I did my mouth and throat would itch like crazy. I also have some pretty severe environmental allergies as well as shellfish and latex allergies. I was finally able to do the allergy clearing with Dr. Ross. After my 1st session, he told me to stop and buy some melon. I thought he was crazy and there was no way I could be cleared after one visit. Well, I did what he said. I bought a mix of honeydew and cantaloupe and went home. I opened the package and stuck a fork in a piece of cantaloupe as my daughter looked on and thought I was completely crazy. I took a small bite and waited.... nothing! I then finished the entire bowl of melon with NO reaction! I have been eating melon now for a few months and still no reaction! Also, my environmental allergies have gotten a lot better although those take some work due to severity. Baby steps! I couldn’t be happier! I have not tried shellfish or latex yet just because I’m a chicken and my shellfish and latex allergy is a bit worse than melon. Maybe one day. I cannot thank Kevin enough for helping me through this! Allergy Clearing is definitely the way to go if you have moderate to severe allergies. I am extremely happy with my results!”

I Can't Tell You How Excited I Am!

“After having the allergy clearing done for 12 of my food sensitivities, I have not experienced a headache that was common for me to have a few times every month. I can eat eggs, dairy, wheat without any symptoms. I can't tell you how excited I am to be rid of that headache that would really affect me for days at a time after eating something that my body was not processing well. I look forward to finishing my allergy clearing and being able to build my diet around nutrition rather than a list of things I can't eat. Thanks so much for introducing me to this technique.”

Relief For Our Little Girl

“Our daughter was diagnosed with food allergies at the age of 2 (she is now 6). Specifically, dairy, gluten, and eggs and has been on a very strict diet since. About 6 months ago, she started to show more symptoms of additional food allergies. After seeing an allergist and finding no clear answers just treatments we weren’t comfortable with, we were introduced to Dr. Ross’ allergy clearing technique. I have to be honest; I was a little skeptical but was willing to try anything for relief for our little girl. Dr. Ross is very client and passionate about healing from the inside out. He found additional allergies to food that my daughter ate on a daily basis that was making her ill!! After the first session, we gave our daughter foods that in the past she would have an immediate reaction to. Nothing!! After a total of 3 sessions over the course of a month and 3 months later, our daughter can still eat things that used to bother her. In addition, Dr. Ross cleared her of seasonal allergies, which used to make her miserable. She sleeps better and has not gotten sick since going to Dr. Ross. I highly recommend Dr. Ross to anyone. He explains the science behind and the reason for what he is doing so that you aren’t left in the dark and it all makes sense from a medical standpoint. Thank you, Dr. Ross!!”

Even Peanut Allergies!

“Praise today...thanking God for gifted chiropractors like Kevin W. Ross. He listened to the still, small voice that told him to hang out and hear a message even when something felt off to him about the person speaking. Thanks to the information he heard and the ensuing work/revelations he has had, for the first time in FIVE years, I do not have to send the "allergy warning: no peanut/no gluten" email to {my child’s} coaches or team parents. I was almost in tears last night over this. {My child}, of course, is blasé about it and thinks I am being over-emotional - "crying over not having to send an email?! Mom!!"If you or anyone you love is dealing with allergies, go see Dr. Ross: www.allergyclearingtechnique.com”

After 25 Years I'm Eating Avocado Again!

“Seriously, I don't know how my chiropractor does this, he is a rare find! This small amount of avocado in the past would have torn up my stomach! It's probably been 25 plus years since I have eaten avocado due to an allergy and I really wrote off ever being able to again (as much as I love it!). My chiropractor has created an allergy clearing that has eliminated this as an allergy completely! I’m in awe!”

Life is Changing!

“The fam and I went for some allergy clearing today with Dr. Ross. Oh, my wow!!! I never would have expected the changes I am already seeing after only a few hours. Things I had not recognized as a problem are cleared up completely. For example, I have a ton more sensation in my tongue (I have had nerve issues with it since I had my wisdom teeth pulled), I can easily breathe, my throat opened up, my eyes feel clear, I am happy again, I can think without effort (my brain functions as a system instead of sporadic thought), I ate lunch and did not experience any bloating, I can feel the sensation of heat, cool and touch more easily on my skin, my daughter has quit sniffling, the bloating in my sons tummy is going down, my husband is no longer coughing nor snoring, my husband is actually resting pretty soundly right now. I cannot wait to see how much more life is going to change for us in the coming days and weeks. Thank you, Dr. Ross, for being a faithful servant of our God.”

ACT is Unique and Extremely Effective!

“This allergy technique is unique and extremely effective - no drops or pills. I was struggling with more than 50 different allergies that got much worse after my youngest son was born. I was even reacting to my vitamins and supplements. I couldn't take my prenatal or any multivitamins. I ended up with an allergic rash that would flare no matter what I would eat. It started on my chest then went to my back, neck, spread down my arms and to the backs of my hands. It would flare after every meal and itch like crazy. An extensive elimination diet only made the rash worse. We couldn't explain it and nothing helped. Dr. Kevin W. Ross had just started his allergy technique at his office, so I gave it a try. I'm so glad I did. After my 2nd visit, my rash was nearly gone! I had that itchy rash over a month! I couldn't believe it. I even ate food that would normally cause it to flare... Nothing! It took a few more visits to get my long list cleared, but I feel so much better. I no longer break out in a rash nor dash to that bathroom after eating something I'm intolerant to. Wow, It's truly amazing. If you are tired of struggling with allergies, consider scheduling a session today.”