Let's Talk About Poop!

Allergy success... Lets talk poop!
I had my first colonic this morning since the allergy clearing last week and this week. And this verifies my allergy clearing experience!!! 

I've been getting several colonics a month since October. They've been extremely helpful, but I kept feeling there must be something in my diet causing the discomfort (still after eliminating all foods I was reactive for from my ALCAT testing). For months I had excessive bile being produced causing a lot of pain and nausea no matter how many changes I made to my diet. In addition, I've had excessive trapped gas and undigested food. 

I've been pain free in my abdomen since my first allergy clearing last week. And my colonic today showed no undigested food, limited gas, and very little bile. And this is after the reintroduction of several foods I was highly reactive to: dairy, wheat/gluten, coffee, eggs, hot peppers, tomatoes.

Thank you!!!

Allergy Clearing is definitely the way to go

I have not been able to eat cantaloupe or honeydew melons for over 35 years. Every time I did my mouth and throat would itch like crazy. I also have some pretty severe environmental allergies as well as shellfish and latex allergies. 

I was finally able to do the allergy clearing with Dr. Ross. After my 1st session, he told me to stop and buy some melon. I thought he was crazy and there was no way I could be cleared after one visit. Well, I did what he said. I bought a mix of honeydew and cantaloupe and went home. I opened the package and stuck a fork in a piece of cantaloupe as my daughter looked on and thought I was completely crazy. I took a small bite and waited.....nothing! I then finished the entire bowl of melon with NO reaction! I have been eating melon now for a few months and still no reaction! Also my environmental allergies have gotten a lot better although those take some work due to severity. Baby steps! I couldn’t be happier! I have not tried shellfish or latex yet just because I’m a chicken and my shellfish and latex allergy is a bit worse than melon. Maybe one day. I cannot thank Kevin enough for helping me through this! Allergy Clearing is definitely the way to go if you have moderate to severe allergies. I am extremely happy with my results! 

No More Headaches!

After having the allergy clearing done for 12 of my food sensitivities, I have not experienced a headache that was common for me to have a few times every month. I can eat eggs, dairy, wheat without any symptoms. I can't tell you how excited I am to be rid of that headache that would really affect me for days at a time after eating something that my body was not processing well. I look forward to finishing my allergy clearing and being able to build my diet around nutrition rather than a list of things I can't eat. Thanks so much for introducing me to this technique.


I've never felt this good in my entire life!

Dr. Ross changed my daughters life!  She is 11 now but her problems started very young.  As a baby she was often uncomfortable with stomach pressure. Around age 4 we switched from regular milk to Almond milk and that helped but the stomach issues continued. By age 6, she was crying at night saying she had headaches and stomachaches, so we proceeded to have several ultra sounds and tests done.  The best they could come up with was constipation.  They put her on several medications which I knew not only weren’t good for her, they also weren’t helping.   In second grade she developed Alopecia and Dermographism, at the time we still hadn’t made a connection to food allergies.  By fourth grade her stomach aches and headaches took over her life. She was always sick and at this point, the stomach pain was getting unbearable.  She was afraid to go anywhere without me.  She skipped parties and didn’t want to go to sleepovers, afraid she would get sick and be away from home.  She was up most nights curled up in a ball on the couch, often in tears. We proceed again to have many tests done just to come back with the same diagnosis, constipation.  I knew this wasn’t the problem, we ate a healthy diet and the better we ate the worse it got.  

I found another doctor that ran a food allergy panel, why this wasn’t done before I have no idea. She reacted to 70 of 90 foods and I was told that she was not only intolerant to these foods but because it had gone on so long, she had leaky gut.  The doctor said the leaky gut could take a very long time to heal and that she needed to be on expensive shakes and vitamins.  I spent hundreds of dollars only for the shakes to make her even sicker. She would try to drink one and instantly her stomach would hurt.  We stopped the shakes but completely changed our foods, no dairy, egg, gluten, the list goes on.  She was doing so much better and we realized this was life now.  All this time, pain, tests and money spent and it was food that was making her sick.  

We were about 6 months into this new lifestyle when a friend of mine found Dr. Ross.  I have to say that I was very skeptical, even when the referral was coming from someone I knew.  How is this possible that this one Dr. can “clear food allergies” when other doctors couldn’t even diagnose them.   I was willing to try anything, so I scheduled her an appointment.   The difference was amazing after the first appointment.  She “cheated” and tried a few foods that he had cleared and didn’t have any problems.  We proceed with her final appointments before trying to much. 

Two days after her last appointment she was walking through the kitchen and stopped, looked up at me and said, “mom, I have never felt this good in my entire life”.  It was a moment I will never forget.  

She can now eat anything she wants to eat, all of the headaches and stomach aches are completely gone.  She has more energy than ever before and just feels like an 11 year old should feel. We can not even begin to thank Dr. Ross enough!!

Help with Breast Milk Reactions

Dr. Ross was so amazing! I honestly wouldn't be able to breastfeed my daughter if it weren't for him. My daughter and I had so many food allergies and intolerances that I was down to eating 6 different things a day (2 of those included coconut milk and Earth balance soy free butter), and my daughter was STILL reacting to my breastmilk. She finally refused to nurse completely and wouldn't... even take my pumped milk after trying to introduce foods back into my diet. I was desperate to nurse her and heard about him from another mom who had such success with her child's food allergies. He told me to wait a week after he cleared me, and after 6 days she was able to drink my milk with NO REACTION AT ALL!! She also had a lip tie which we had revised a couple days later but still had trouble nursing, so we saw Dr Ross for an adjustment and literally after that she nursed with NO problem and no pain! He truly cares about his patients and even saw us after hours and stayed late because he really wants to help! If you are skeptical just trust he knows what he is doing and what he does really works. You won' be disappointed. We live almost an hour away, but it is definitely worth the drive. He was a Godsend for us! Thank you Dr Ross!

    After 1 visit!

    A patient experience: (three sessions in 1 visit)

    Last year, I developed an allergy to cinnamon. It would cause me to have bad stomach pains, feel like I needed to throw up and send me into a panic attack. I've also been dealing with other health issues that seemed to be related to foods I ate, but I haven't been able to pin point exactly what was causing the problems, so I had just ruled them as "anxiety" issues. Well, thanks to Dr. Ross at The Power Company and his allergy clearing technique, I am now able to eat cinnamon (and all that it's hidden in like BBQ sauces and teas) without any reaction!!!! He also helped find some other foods that were causing me problems and cleared those allergies too! I feel like a different person! My stomach doesn't hurt after eating and I don't feel bloated at all anymore!! My hypoglycemia has been so much easier to manage and the change in season hasn't been causing my nose to run! If you have any allergy that is causing you to avoid food or certain environments you need to go to Dr. Ross! Seriously, it's worth it!