Don't Just Live With Allergies!

Our Allergy Clearing Technique is a new and unique means to clear allergies. Utilizing the Occipital Drop Check, we find out what the body currently sees as an enemy and by stimulating specific points on the body, enable your body to 'reset' and see those substances as a friend.

The Allergy Clearing Technique was birthed out of hope for my own daughter. She was dairy-free, gluten-free, black pepper-free and pretty much everything-free for many years. She had an ultra-limited diet and it got worse over time. Smaller and smaller exposures to foods created bigger and bigger problems. I was frustrated and felt helpless not being able to intervene. In December of 2015, I was at a seminar and during a late night discussion about allergy, sensitivity,  and reactivity, I figured out how to get the allergy response to reset. With time, I was able to clear out my daughter's allergies and she can now eat a normal, healthy diet. This developed into what I now call the Allergy Clearing Technique.

Allergy Awareness

Many people have very obvious known reactions to certain foods or substances. Symptoms can be immediate, strong reactions after ingesting certain foods or exposure to environmental factors such as smoke, dust, pet dander, etc. or delayed reactions which can occur a few hours after exposure or even after a few days! Unfortunately symptoms become so familiar, we start to think of them as 'normal' and something that just has to be 'lived with'.

We can help!  Allergies CAN be cleared!