Let's Talk About Poop!

Allergy success... Lets talk poop!
I had my first colonic this morning since the allergy clearing last week and this week. And this verifies my allergy clearing experience!!! 

I've been getting several colonics a month since October. They've been extremely helpful, but I kept feeling there must be something in my diet causing the discomfort (still after eliminating all foods I was reactive for from my ALCAT testing). For months I had excessive bile being produced causing a lot of pain and nausea no matter how many changes I made to my diet. In addition, I've had excessive trapped gas and undigested food. 

I've been pain free in my abdomen since my first allergy clearing last week. And my colonic today showed no undigested food, limited gas, and very little bile. And this is after the reintroduction of several foods I was highly reactive to: dairy, wheat/gluten, coffee, eggs, hot peppers, tomatoes.

Thank you!!!