ACT is Unique and Extremely Effective!

“This allergy technique is unique and extremely effective - no drops or pills. I was struggling with more than 50 different allergies that got much worse after my youngest son was born. I was even reacting to my vitamins and supplements. I couldn't take my prenatal or any multivitamins. I ended up with an allergic rash that would flare no matter what I would eat. It started on my chest then went to my back, neck, spread down my arms and to the backs of my hands. It would flare after every meal and itch like crazy. An extensive elimination diet only made the rash worse. We couldn't explain it and nothing helped. Dr. Kevin W. Ross had just started his allergy technique at his office, so I gave it a try. I'm so glad I did. After my 2nd visit, my rash was nearly gone! I had that itchy rash over a month! I couldn't believe it. I even ate food that would normally cause it to flare... Nothing! It took a few more visits to get my long list cleared, but I feel so much better. I no longer break out in a rash nor dash to that bathroom after eating something I'm intolerant to. Wow, It's truly amazing. If you are tired of struggling with allergies, consider scheduling a session today.”