I Am Extremely Happy

“I have not been able to eat cantaloupe or honeydew melons for over 35 years. Every time I did my mouth and throat would itch like crazy. I also have some pretty severe environmental allergies as well as shellfish and latex allergies. I was finally able to do the allergy clearing with Dr. Ross. After my 1st session, he told me to stop and buy some melon. I thought he was crazy and there was no way I could be cleared after one visit. Well, I did what he said. I bought a mix of honeydew and cantaloupe and went home. I opened the package and stuck a fork in a piece of cantaloupe as my daughter looked on and thought I was completely crazy. I took a small bite and waited.... nothing! I then finished the entire bowl of melon with NO reaction! I have been eating melon now for a few months and still no reaction! Also, my environmental allergies have gotten a lot better although those take some work due to severity. Baby steps! I couldn’t be happier! I have not tried shellfish or latex yet just because I’m a chicken and my shellfish and latex allergy is a bit worse than melon. Maybe one day. I cannot thank Kevin enough for helping me through this! Allergy Clearing is definitely the way to go if you have moderate to severe allergies. I am extremely happy with my results!”