Latex and Foods that Mimic Latex Once Digested

A mother’s story: “So I am blown away by the allergy clearing. My daughter has always been sick off-and-on her whole life. Normal for her was randomly throwing up, but never being sick. Stomach pain that never went away, learning delays, skin problems, slow growth, etc... Years of fighting doctors that something was truly wrong, elimination diets, and being told I was crazy. Then by the grace of God through a random encounter we found an answer. She has a severe latex allergy and many foods mimic latex once digested. I can't tell you the relief of finally knowing what made her sick. But avoiding it all became a challenge any parent would take to keep their kid healthy. Potatoes and celery was the biggest offender. If you touched potato, then food she will eat, she would get very, very sick. Just slight cross contamination was dangerous. And by the way potato starch is in everything. Skipping ahead to last month, in walks Dr. Ross and offers allergy clearing. What the heck, why not? I am skeptical, but I trust Dr. Ross. In 1 session, he was able to clear out potato, celery, avocado, and begin work on latex then her body said it was done for today. My daughter left his office and decided to order French fries (aka “death sticks”) with lunch and eat them all. I figured ok, I have her epi pen, activated charcoal, go ahead and try it, I'm off work tonight anyway. After an hour: Nothing. I quizzed her every hour the rest of the day: No effect. Zero. She should be screaming in pain, vomiting, or worse. But, she's perfectly fine. 13 years of food allergy, and she's fine in 1 visit?? This is incredible, and it works. After 2 weeks of no problems with potato anything I'm finally believing. The phone calls to family that they no longer have to be hyper vigilant was entertaining. Dr. Ross is still working on the latex, but so far, he has helped it reduce in sensitivity. An incident involving rubber bands that would have sent her into anaphylaxis a month ago only slightly bothered her this time. She has had 2 hospital stays already from similar incidents with rubber bands. I am amazed. There are no words, except thank you, you have saved her life and given her a fresh restart.”