Relief For Our Little Girl

“Our daughter was diagnosed with food allergies at the age of 2 (she is now 6). Specifically, dairy, gluten, and eggs and has been on a very strict diet since. About 6 months ago, she started to show more symptoms of additional food allergies. After seeing an allergist and finding no clear answers just treatments we weren’t comfortable with, we were introduced to Dr. Ross’ allergy clearing technique. I have to be honest; I was a little skeptical but was willing to try anything for relief for our little girl. Dr. Ross is very client and passionate about healing from the inside out. He found additional allergies to food that my daughter ate on a daily basis that was making her ill!! After the first session, we gave our daughter foods that in the past she would have an immediate reaction to. Nothing!! After a total of 3 sessions over the course of a month and 3 months later, our daughter can still eat things that used to bother her. In addition, Dr. Ross cleared her of seasonal allergies, which used to make her miserable. She sleeps better and has not gotten sick since going to Dr. Ross. I highly recommend Dr. Ross to anyone. He explains the science behind and the reason for what he is doing so that you aren’t left in the dark and it all makes sense from a medical standpoint. Thank you, Dr. Ross!!”