allergies cleared

After 1 visit!

A patient experience: (three sessions in 1 visit)

Last year, I developed an allergy to cinnamon. It would cause me to have bad stomach pains, feel like I needed to throw up and send me into a panic attack. I've also been dealing with other health issues that seemed to be related to foods I ate, but I haven't been able to pin point exactly what was causing the problems, so I had just ruled them as "anxiety" issues. Well, thanks to Dr. Ross at The Power Company and his allergy clearing technique, I am now able to eat cinnamon (and all that it's hidden in like BBQ sauces and teas) without any reaction!!!! He also helped find some other foods that were causing me problems and cleared those allergies too! I feel like a different person! My stomach doesn't hurt after eating and I don't feel bloated at all anymore!! My hypoglycemia has been so much easier to manage and the change in season hasn't been causing my nose to run! If you have any allergy that is causing you to avoid food or certain environments you need to go to Dr. Ross! Seriously, it's worth it!